London Labour Supply has built a strong reputation for putting customers first, delivering a reliable service at all times and ensuring maximum recycling through sustainable solutions. This is achieved through:


At pre-construction stage we assess each projects waste stream and put together a waste management plan. Our waste plan details waste management locations and helps us to reduce manual and double handling procedures.

Delivering responsive service

London Labour Supply provide a reliable and responsive waste management service that delivers good housekeeping and ensures waste does not become an issue on site.

Increasing recycling and recovery rates

We have worked hard to achieve our high recycling levels, diverting materials from landfill where viable. We are always looking at how to increase our recycling and recovery activities and improve the sustainability of our waste solutions.

Supporting our customers

We support our customers to help them meet their budget and environmental commitments. This might include carrying out an audit to identify opportunities for more effective segregation, or seeking reuse or recycling opportunities for particular waste streams.

Taking a professional approach

We pride ourselves on providing an experienced and professional service to all our customers at all times.

Providing a complete service

With an extensive range of containers and vehicles, we provide a complete service for all types of bins and collections including wait for load cages, bins, skips and compactors.