We recruit reliable and appropriately trained labour and resources to meet client needs and budget.

Whether the requirement is for an individual for one day, or a complete service gang for the duration of a contract, London Labour Supply recruit reliable and appropriately trained labour to meet client needs.

Quality monitoring

A London Labour Supply Director can meet with the on-site Project Manager weekly to check that our services and tradesmen are satisfactory. We expect to meet our tradesmen fortnightly to review their progress. These meetings ensure issues and changes can be addressed quickly and with minimal disruption to the project or client.

Vetting of candidates

London Labour Supply maintains a live list of skilled and experienced candidates. We review multiple candidates for each role, ensuring we put forward only the most suitable. Each candidate will be reviewed on their attitude, experience and qualifications as follows:

  • Review CVs and filter appropriate candidates
  • Request proof of eligibility to work in the UK and qualification certificates
  • Initial ‘phone interview and request references
  • Call referees and organise face-to-face interview

Only once we are happy that our own and client’s criteria have been met will candidates be placed. London Labour Supply currently offer highly skilled and trained personnel in the following roles:

  • Project manager
  • Construction manager
  • Document Controller
  • Ganger
  • Handy man
  • Banksman
  • Hoist driver (Certified)
  • Forklift driver
  • Welfare labourer/cleaners
  • General labourer
  • Gate keeper
  • Security personnel

If you have a specific requirement not listed here, please contact us to see if we can provide the labour and resources for you.