London Labour Supply recognises that successful health and safety management contributes to the success of our clients.

The protection of our personnel, and others who may be affected by our client’s works is carefully considered in pre-construction planning and throughout a project. Our aim is to contribute to a working environment that is free of accidents and ill-health. We do this with:

  • comprehensive health & safety policies which are communicated to all our personnel
  • competent and fully trained personnel at all levels
  • having access to competent health and safety advice and information
  • carrying out regular monitoring of the sites in which we operate
  • ensuring this monitoring feeds into our health and safety action sheets and
    risk management process.

Our health and safety record

We are committed to achieving zero accidents and incidents and, as part of this commitment, we expect all our personnel to take responsibility not only for their own safety, but for others working on, or coming into contact with our client’s works.

Our priority is the safe running of our client’s sites and we are proud to hold a 100% safety record.

Training and education

We know the key to our success depends on the skill, knowledge, reliability and commitment of our staff. So we aim to attract, develop and promote the best personnel in order to provide a high quality service to our clients. We are committed to supporting the development of our people and provide a comprehensive and extensive training program to achieve competence throughout our organisation.